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If I am ever late anywhere, its usually because this light is the longest light ever
This will never get old
Reminiscing on my youth leader days. Miss these guys. @dhill_yulookinat @kendalldwilliams @zientz @vickiechonga
Tonight! Do it!
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So colddddddd #holyspiritwarmmeup #firefalldown #noreally
How freakin adorable was I? #whathappened?
Get me out of here!
Last week we looked at what fellowship means to both the Church body as a whole and what it means for us individually. Join us this week as we look at what it takes to build that community on the foundation of the Gospel. We are located at 1800 Veterans Memorial Parkway in PSL. Service starts at 10am! :)
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Is it 5pm yet?